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S and I are full of sunlight and happy after spending the week at the beach. Surrounded by old + new friends, I’m headed home more inspired and connected - the perfect kick off to our summer break. What is the instant bond + connection you find with people on vacation? As I journal about our time out west, I’m trying to figure out how to bring that depth and purpose to daily life in Dallas. Is it the shared experience of exploring and adventuring? Is it the pace of vacation that allows conversation to go deep and rich? Is it that on vacation, we’re all just a bit more of our real, raw, curious selves? Whatever it is, I’m so glad to have been surrounded by it for a few short days and letting it all settle into my bones and brain and being.

A big topic of conversation this week as I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and creatives was the inevitable burnout we all face. This advice seems pretty timely.

10 free online creative classes to help you embrace and enhance your creativity.

So excited about this collaboration between two of my favorite brands - Ikea + the founder of Colette (a beloved gem of a Paris store that is no longer around.)

Love this interview with the coolest of cool illustrators Abbey Lossing. Especially this_ "I believe that everyone has creativity, but it’s like a muscle and if you don’t use it, it becomes weak.”

The benefits of journaling for reduced stress and increased creativity.

Try this 30-second trick the next time you need to be more innovative.

What else we talked about this week_ Color Crush_ tinted neutrals and my plan for summer.

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