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Happy Friday friends! Hope that you had a wonderful week celebrating LOVE and connection. Even if you’re single (like me!) there’s still plenty to share and celebrate on a holiday dedicated to hearts, chocolate and love. I’ve grown to enjoy this holiday more and more in recent years, appreciating the time with my daughter to give simple, handmade gifts, share messages of love with friends and family and just take a day to be thankful for all of the support + joy I have in my life. And now onto a four-day weekend! On our list? Drawing practice, a 1st birthday party for our puppy and sleeping in (ahhh.) Here’s to a happy weekend ahead!

In dose of some creative motivation in your Instagram scroll? Follow this account STAT.

Seth Godin spreading his special brand of can-do, inspiration and truth.

We’re slowly going more and more plant based in our eating at home. The trick is finding meals that a somewhat picky 7-year-old will enjoy, and that doesn’t have too many steps for this momma to tackle. This is a much requested staple on a busy weeknight, we tried these this week and YUM, and looking forward to adding a few of these to our rotation.

We all know letting go of what no longer serves us is #goals, BUT, the doing it? A little hard. This advice from Cleo Wade on reshaping habits + thoughts, I’m in.


The 10 documentaries you need to see in 2019. Netflix and chill, game on. OR. Reading more your style? 6 books written by women to warm you up this season!

Still stumped on what you want to learn in 2019? This round-up with helpful tools has a bit of something for everyone.

What you missed this week_ the happiest blue and how to tackle a new skill in 2019.

xx, jill.

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