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Hello lovelies! Happy Friday. I’m headed to NYC tomorrow for some museum meandering, shopping and inspiration. Excited to see the Helma af Klint exhibit, Andy Warhol retrospective and finally visit Color Factory. As a lover of art, color and creative communities I’m looking forward to filling my bucket over the next few days. Follow me on Insta to journey along with me.

What’s on your weekend list? Hopefully you’re carving out some time for you to connect, create and bring out your best self. Be it writing, reading, dancing, cooking, learning, creating - no matter, just set some time and make it happen. Your brain, body, soul and community will thank you for it. To get you started, here’s a few of my favorite links, listens, goodies and reads from the week.

This beautiful wall hanging has caught my eye. The colors + the scale are just amazing. The tutorial looks do-able, might take this up as my new nightly wind-down.

You’ve heard me talk about my love of The Artist’s Way, but I’d never known much about the author Julia Cameron - until this.

My podcast obsession is still going strong. Faves from the week to get your Yayoi Kusama fix here, on love and loneliness here and entrepreneur inspiration here.


A few of my favorite Valentine gifts worth giving to yourself_ this bag, this wonder balm, my favorite journal, this luxurious face oil or my new favorite sweet treat.

These mobile installations, so good.

Don’t miss posts_ the case for lifelong learning and Valentine’s color crush.

Happy Weekend friends!

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