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How to Tackle a Creative Skill in 2019


Last week I discussed the importance of curiosity + lifelong learning. This practice can lead to a healthier and happier life. You’re convinced, you’re excited, you’re ready to start! But where, how, when? As an organized creative, I like to think through the process a bit at the beginning to make sure I’m taking the right approach to any new project.

Pick a passion. As a curious creative, I tend to have MANY passions + to-learns on my list at any one time. This year alone, I want to better my drawing skills, improve my photoshop skills, learn letterpress, throw ceramics and take a pigment mixing class. To make progress on any one skill on my list, I’ll be focusing on ONE learning at a time. Taking an online drawing class and ONLY practicing that medium for a bit so I can really absorb and apply what I’m learning. Only when I’m comfortable with my progress and have adopted it into my creative routine, I’ll move on to tackle some thing else on my list.

Celebrate small wins + progress. Learning a new skill can be overwhelming and intimidating at first. For me, I like to break each learning down into smaller steps and celebrate the wins along the way. For my drawing goal the first step on my list is to pick a class. That’s half the fun, researching options and deciding if I’m going to learn IRL or online - so many options. Next, I’ll check the supply list to make sure I have everything I need. Then I’ll schedule class and if online, carve out the needed time in my schedule for that week to just get started! Each new skill I learn and practice, I’ll photograph so I have a visual reminder of the progress I’ve made.

Find an accountability partner. When I’m learning or adopting a new habit, it’s SUPER helpful for me to have a friend that keeps me accountable to the practice. Someone that will check in on my progress, maybe be a resource if I get stuck on an assignment or skill, and a cheerleader for the progress I do make along the way. I have different types of partners for different areas of my life, and love the check-ins, sharing and mutual inspiration you each gain from building these relationships.

Have FUN. Don’t forget that one of the reasons you are a curious learner is to have FUN. To play, to practice something that sparks joy in your soul. Focus on the fun, the growth, the learning and enjoy the process!


So go, go go! Get on your way! Whatever you pursue in 2019, I hope it brings you joy, growth and confidence!

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