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Ahhhh. Friday. Hello my friend. So glad to see you again. After a cold snap here in Dallas this week, I’m looking forward to some warmer weather this weekend. On my to-do list, some art making with my mini, some time outdoors and getting a few more things shot and listed in our shop! As always, we’re closing out the week with some of our favorite finds, reads and products on creative living.

Georgia O’Keefe on the art of seeing.

Banishing these 5 creativity killing questions from my language today.

Fully embracing #friendcarefriday as a thing. Who’s with me?

Lokal Hotel via Victoria Smith

Lokal Hotel via Victoria Smith

I love these wear this there posts from Victoria Smith for both the travel + fashion inspiration, always. But especially this one for both the beautiful hotel + the cozy outfit. Philadelphia, here I (wistfully) come.

How fun are these paper sculpture fashion portraits? Visually striking and original - I love seeing someone fuse together two previously unjoined concepts to create something NEW.

We love color here at The Color Kind (duh.) We love collecting it, decorating with it and feeling the emotion in unexpected pairings. This week, three of my favorite color crush inspo images_ here, here and here. Bookmarking them for some future paint palette play.

On our site this week_ animal print + Instagrams to inspire. And a few of our favorite products in our shop now_ here, here, here and here.

Happy weekend! Here’s to some time for you to be curious, be inspired and be YOU!


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