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Scene of something that won’t happen today.

Scene of something that won’t happen today. 

I *try* most days to do something personally creative. Painting, collage, arranging flowers, styling a wall or room. 

art and interior design books

But, some days it just doesn’t happen.⁣

Today, some of my other roles_ mom, entrepreneur, friend, mentor needed me more than my art did.

And you know what? That’s okay. 

I’ve learned to keep my eye on the long road and not on the day-to-day.⁣

Each day is a new mystery, full of surprises crafted especially for each one of us. 

You’ve got to dive in and wade your way through, with a mind open to accepting whatever kind of adventure that day may bring.

colorful painting process

There’s no doubt I’m a better human when I take time to play and express my creativity.

And why do I do art if not to show up in all my other roles as a better human?⁣

But, on the too busy days, I rest in that the vast majority of the time, I AM making art or being creative in some type of way.

All of those days past, when I’ve truly thrived creatively, mean something, add up to something, and encourage me to keep trying to further my daily creative practice.

To seek that time for myself. To play. To experiment. To let loose. To simply be.

I’m curious....

do good

What habit (just for YOU) do you have that enables you to show up as the best you for life? 

Is it yoga? Journaling? Perhaps, gardening?

If you’d like to try art as a part of your day, I share my best tips in this article on how to get started.

Until Next Time, 

Jill Xx

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