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How to Turn Your Passive Interest into Action


Last week, we talked about how starting a new hobby works to keep your creativity flowing and fresh.

Now, I want to cover how you turn your passive interest into action.

Today I’m sharing with you a few tips I’ve learned as I’ve wandered my way through my creative journey that help with just that!

The secret is truly to JUST START

Make yourself a warm cup of coffee or tea (or wine, wine always helps.) 

Write down your intentions for starting with this new hobby and then get started. Your intentions can be as simple as to have fun, to make art, to do something JUST FOR YOU. 

And then. START.

Grab your pencils, markers, crayons.


Get out the paints. 

Gather your paper. 

Turn up the music.

Whatever it is you’re doing, JUST START.

A few other things that help build this habit into a consistent practice… 

Prep Your Workspace

Find a spot in your home to act as your creative workspace. Then, gather your materials_ paper, pens, ink, whatever you might have on hand to make. 

Organize and arrange them to make the space inviting. Leaving you eager to get started on the task at hand!


Keep it Simple

Start small. Gather some supplies and set a timer for 10-15 minutes a day.

Work small + quick.

For example, using smaller paper- like 5 X 7- can help you ease into your practice.

Enjoy the Process, Not Just the Outcome

Keep your expectations low. It isn’t about being successful on the first try. It’s about the process. The learning experiences. The failures. The mess-ups. The growth spurts.

The beauty and JOY in creating is found in the process. In what you learn along the way.

Some days your art might turn out terrible. Other days, it might turn out great.

Enjoy the process! You’re here for the art. The mess. The play. Not perfection.


Track Your Progress

As you progress, keep track of your wins (big and small) and document your journey somehow (photos, social media posts, a page in your journal).

Pay attention to what parts of the creative process make you most excited and be sure to prioritize your creative time.

Be Consistent

I’ve found that documenting my journey helps keep me motivated to make even when I’m not really feeling it. 

And I believe that how you keep yourself motivated to make over time is just as important as how you convince yourself to start something new in the first place.


Collect Inspiration

Don’t let the act of making art intimidate you. Keep a stockpile of inspiration and copy from one of these images when you’re stuck.

Your work won’t look like the original and it’s a good trick to get you making.

I hope you can take away something from this that inspires you to look a little deeper into what’s around you, what you like to do, and turn it into something even more special- an activity that you can use to get your hands dirty and grow your mind and creativity on a regular basis.

Happy Creating,

Jill Xx

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