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Daily Dose of Inspiration_ Creative Instagrams to Follow

Instagram. Our most + least favorite app on our phone. Yes. Sometimes at the same time. Noticing how a harmless little scroll has the power to either give energy, or take energy, I’ve been ruthlessly editing the accounts I follow. To stay in my feed, accounts MUST check these three boxes_

+be inspiring through imagery, words or cause. I follow a wide array of topics, to match my interests - food, design, art, interiors, spiritual, fashion, friends. I want to end my scrolling sessions inspired, at peace and ready to dig back into daily life with a fresh eye.

+be positive and optimistic. For me, I keep my scroll VERY curated to be happy, sunshine, rainbows, pretty images, words + thoughts. I can always go to Twitter, online news,my Facebook neighborhood page if I need an extra dose of negative banter and bullshit.

+ motivates me to be my best self. For me, this means accounts that are authentic, attainable, not too pretentious. Nothing that invites my inner critic to start jabbing away, I hear enough from her already.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite art focused Instagram accounts that check the boxes above, and inspire me daily in my creative journey.


Aleishall Girard Maxon - the talented granddaughter of design great, Alexander Girard. I love this playful, colorful, well-curated feed. Most especially the styled hands - shown above.

Rachel Castle - Australian artist with a whimsical approach to design + color, always an optimistic bright spot in my scroll.

Kelly Colchin - This Austin-based artists feed is soothing, inspiring and full of love - just like her work.

Samantha Dion Baker - Illustrator and designer behind the Draw Your Day collection, her daily posts inspire me to fit in my journal time regularly as well.

Clare Nicolson - London based designer + stylist, I love her simplistically stylized feed.

Lindsay Stripling - This SF based artist and illustrator inspires me to continuously improve my watercolor technique through her own amazing designs + color use.

Ashley Mary - Minneapolis based artist, her feed is full of happy colors, playful abstract patterns and always makes me smile.

Curious Dog Sees - A pastel-loving photography feed featuring the softest shades of London. Swoon.


The Sketchbook Project - On my to-do list for 2019, this community sourced global sketchbook project brings together artists and non-artists alike for a bit of daily sketching.

Tate - A favorite of mine whenever I get the chance to visit London, I love the art history, the inspiration and the peek inside the galleries you get from this feed.

Cooper Hewitt - the Smithsonian’s design museum never disappoints - either in person, or on their social channels.

Color Factory - this feed, like the pop up museum in Soho, is a color-lovers dream.

Accidentally Wes Anderson - a community submitted account, inspired by the visual genius of Wes Anderson. Follow this one for a color + composition love fest.

Artsy - making art accessible and available through their feed + website, I love to discover new-to-me artists on this platform.


Case for Making - our hand’s down favorite paint shop, this SF based gem gives sneak peeks into their studio and process on their Insta feed.

Oil + Cotton - one of our favorite local art shops, we love following their feed to see what new arrivals or future workshops are calling our name.

Liquitex - run by one of our go-to brands for acrylics, we love the tutorials and inspiration we find in this feed.

Letter Sparrow - beautiful, handmade small batch watercolors, we love the saturated, earthy colors iconic to this account.

CW Pencil Enterprise - pencil nerds unite. This site will make you smile, and also make you a dent in your wallet if you’re not careful.

Any of your faves we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a note @

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