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Create Like a Kid.

“Children see magic because they look for it.”
— Christopher Moor

Growing up is hard to do. Work. Momming. Bills, taxes, meetings. It’s easy to get so lost in all the TO-DOs that we forget TO LIVE. I often pause and watch my daughter as she approaches her day. From the moment she wakes up, she’s (usually) happy and full of excitement about what the day might bring. Constantly inspired, constantly watching, constantly questioning. She brings her curiosity + confidence to everything she approaches.

It got me thinking. What if the point of growing up isn’t to lose that child=like wonder, but instead to celebrate it? To learn to adult, while still connecting to our childhood selves? The most free + authentic version of US was us as a kid. No inhibitions. No insecurities. Instead, a quiet resolve to have fun, to seek joy and to celebrate each day. To live life moment to moment. To have fun. To enjoy the ride, give the hugs, eat the ice cream.

Six ways I’m trying to approach creativity, and life, with some childlike magic_

Get messy. Really, truly messy. Messes are fun. Messes mean you totally lost yourself in the process.

Be silly. Dance. Laugh. Give the negativity committee that meets in your head a break. Be your weird, silly, authentic self. Don’t worry what others think as you get so lost in the moment that you have fun.

Try new things. New things build new skills. New skills build creative muscles. Creative muscles build better solutions + happier people.

Let your imagination run free. Make up stories. Draw imagined creatures. The weirder the better.

Play hard. Nap hard. Play rocks. Naps rock more.

Be spontaneous. Take a day, a week or a few hours and throw out the schedule. Explore your city - or even your home, looking for things that interest you. Do them.

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