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December 01, 2023

A Little Joy Goes a Long Way.

November 23, 2023

Gift Guide : Shop Small

November 14, 2023

Color Crush : Pink(ish)

Color Crush_ Artist Tess Guinery


As a creative + curious explorer, I love discovering artists to follow their work + journey. One such artist that is inspiring me lately with her beautiful shapes, but most especially her color combos is Australian artist and designer Tess Guinery. Her work first caught my eye on Pinterest, and I tell ya, the deeper down that rabbit hole I go - there is a lot to LOVE. Today, a few of my favorite works + color combos from her work.

Why do I love color so much? I feel like it’s another way of speaking. It conveys emotion without words. And Tess’s work? Calm, confident, and carefree. Something we all need a bit more of these days. All the days.

flowers and paintjpg
portait palm trees and sunset.jpg
portrait sun water and palm trees.png

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