Chasing Joy

What if joy is my only metric for success

I recently ran across this beautiful image from @mrs.baas on Instagram and was instantly smitten. 

The colors, the font, the boldness - totally my jam. 

But the sentiment, even more. 

I've been chasing joy a lot these days. Slowly dismantling and rebuilding my life in pursuit of it for a few years now. 

Joy, to me, is living with intention. With purpose. Focused on sharing what I am here to do. 

Most days I'm still figuring out what it is I am here to do, but for now, it seems like the things that bring me the most JOY are making art, sharing art and teaching art.

Spending time in nature, having inside jokes and tiny traditions with my daughter. 

Warm coffee, in silence before our house wakes up. A quality conversation with a dear friend. 

This measuring of success in JOY is definitely new to this type-A, first-born, perfectionist people pleaser. 

I have lived most of my life chasing success in the form of job titles, achievements, to-dos-crossed-off, outside recognition.

hanging decor- colorful thread balls

The thing with measuring success in JOY is that it’s ALL UP TO YOU.

What brings you joy might be completely different than any other human.

Embrace that. Celebrate that. 

Find and chase and measure your life in moments of joy, of connection, of realness. Or of whatever sets your heart a flutter, a smile on your face, arms spread open wide to embrace the world. 

Especially in the middle of this crazy world and 2020 we’re living in. 

More joy.

More you. 

More sharing your joy with the world.

Until Next Time,

Jill Xx

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