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9 Habits to Help Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

Today, I want to share with you 9 habits to help take your creativity to the next level.

Jill Elliott, The Color Kind, collage artwork

Newbies or established artists alike, I’ve found that these simple ideas are good to keep on hand for whenever you’re in need of  a little can-do inspiration to just keep making. 

Many of these things are small. Accessible. Meant to do each day to help you grow as an artist and a human. (because isn’t that the point of art? Growth as a human?) 

Others will require a little more discipline. Some planning. A work-up-to.

Start small. Pick your favorite. Try them all on for size. Maybe not all at once. 

Take a few things, here and there, (the habits that speak to you) and start integrating them slowly into your routine. And be sure to let me know how it goes by tagging @thecolorkind on Instagram so we can cheer you on your creative journey! 

Get Up Early (or Stay Up Late)

Being intentional with the time to create is a key way to make sure it happens. Schedule it in.

Early bird? Add 15 minutes of creating time to your morning routine. 

Night owl? Use those late night vibes to introduce a calm down art habit into your evening. 

Start small. Start somewhere. But most importantly, just start.'

Jill Elliott artwork- black and bright colors

Create A Pump-Me-Up Playlist

Music is a great mood-booster to inspire creativity. 

I’ve found that music can take me to new depths in my artistry if I listen while I create.

Check out my favorite playlist to inspire creativity, here.

Make Something Every Day

Commit to creating every day for a week. A month. A year.

Pick a time frame that is do-able to you, and just make it happen. 

Repetition is key to growth and development as an artist. And knowing that you’ll be creating EVERY DAY takes the pressure of each piece. Each mark. Each work. Because love or hate it? You’ll be back tomorrow...

Connect with Like-Minded Creatives

Community is everything. More so in creativity. 

Find opportunities locally to connect with creatives like you (I love Facebook Groups for this!).

Ask questions about their arit, their process, how they find time to stay consistent / inspired.

Connect to learn and your own creative practice will be better for it. 

An added bonus of making artist friends is you can learn new things, collaborate on projects, and be there to support one another! And artists are most often the most fun friends you’ll make_) 

Jill Elliott scribbles

Keep A Mini Notebook Handy 

Moments of inspiration can come at any time so it’s important to be prepared.

I like to keep a mini notebook (or make  a note on my phone) to jot down quick ideas that pop into my mind at random.

It’s helpful to refer back to these notes when I’m creatively stuck. I can just pick an idea and run with it, figuring out the details as I go. 

Take Adventures Outside Your Home

Inspiration is everywhere, if only you open your eyes to study it. 

Trips to bookstores, museums, the local arboretum, art galleries, even a neighborhood walk - they can all put new thoughts in your head. 

They can open your mind to new ideas, new color combos, new shapes - getting the wheels of creativity turning.

It’s important to take the time to have experiences because, ultimately, experience is what cultivates creativity and inspiration.

Immerse Yourself

Become a student of your chosen medium (or mediums). Devour EVERYTHING you can find to strengthen your skills. 

Listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos, read blog posts + books, take a class, seek out experts and teachers, and follow social media accounts that speak to you and your journey as an aspiring artist.

Surround yourself with different mediums of creativity to explore.

You’ll learn new things, pick up tips, and hear new perspectives- the perfect cocktail for inspiration (if you ask me).

Pop the Champagne

Celebrate the wins, big and small.

Creating daily is hard work and it’s not always something you’ll feel like doing.

It’s important to celebrate the journey, not just the outcome.

If you create an amazing masterpiece, celebrate!

If you doodled a few circles and color them in on one of your uninspired days, celebrate!

Give yourself a pat on the back because what you’re doing isn’t easy, but it’s important. 

pinkpatterns-Jill Elliott

Try New Things Often

Growth comes through exploration.

Challenging yourself to try new techniques. Use new colors. Play with new textures.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes, view them as stepping stones to getting to where you want to be.

As you try new things you’re likely to find a few new things to love and THIS IS GOOD!

This is what art (and life) is all about. Taking risks. Trying new things. Finding new ways of doing things, new things to love, learning and growing through it all.

Being creative is a journey. 

Full of ups and downs. Highs and lows. Failures and successes. Messes and Masterpieces.

Embrace it! All of it.

And try to learn as much as you can along the way.

Keep making my friends!



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