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A Summer Plan for This Creative Mom.


Summer, for us, officially started on Saturday. The first day of the fun, unhurried, light-filled days ahead. As a work-from-home entrepreneur and consultant, I always get a bit nervous headed into summer. Unsure about how I’m going to accomplish all the things in a shorter time frame built around camps + playdates. Somehow, I always manage - but not without a lot of stress.

This summer, I’m trying something new. Leaning into what I don’t do well, being present in the moment. The point of summer, I think, is to enjoy life. To have fun. To be a bit lazy and a bit adventurous at the same time. Hard to do if I’m tethered to my to-do list + phone at every moment.

A few things I’m embracing in the months ahead to soak in every bit of the joy of the season_

  • Less screen time. Hard to fully embrace this one as I run my businesses online. BUT. I’m scheduling time to work, working ahead and smarter with my time so that my phone can be put away during play + social time.

  • Shortened to-do lists. I’m a list lover. Listing every single thing from big to small that needs to get done in a day or a week. Mostly, these lists cause me stress and panic as I look at a list mostly left undone. There are so many items on my list that never get done, I’m rethinking my strategy. This season, I’m going to list only the three things that MUST get done that day and see how it goes.

  • More dance parties. My 7-year-old daughter is ALWAYS up for a dance party. Me? Not so much. But when I do join in it’s always an instant mood lifter. I’m saying yes to more morning dance parties as a way to start our day off right.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be”
— Charles Bowden

  • Get outside early and often. The Texas heat is making itself known already, but nothing compared to what will come late July into August. All the puppies + people who live in my world do SO MUCH BETTER if we get our wiggles out outside. We’re looking forward to bike rides to breakfast, walks around the neighborhood and early swim outings before the heat sets in.

  • Embrace the mess. This OCD momma likes a neat and tidy house. A calm house makes for a calm tone for my day. Sometimes my obsession to clean gets in the way of the making for my daughter and I. Making of art, slime, fantastic imagined cities constructed out of found parts. This summer, I’m trying to loosen the reigns on my inner clean freak (just a bit) to allow us to truly build + explore each day without stress.

  • Inviting my daughter into the things that bring me joy. At 7, my daughter and I are starting to share some of the same interests. Finding the same benefits for our brains in things like yoga, art and journaling. In years past, I’ve tried to squeeze these things into the time that we were apart or while she was sleeping - but this year, I’m looking forward to exploring our passions together. I’ve started with journaling and art, and seeing the pride my daughter takes in getting to do what I do makes the slower and slightly messier pace all worth it. More of this all summer long.

I’m excited and optimistic that these months ahead will be exactly the reset my little family needs. We’re all beyond exhausted and emotional from the blur that was the end of school. With a bit of grace, and space to slow down, I’m hopeful we will find more joy and calm in our days together.

Your turn. What are your tips for living your best summer life?

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