The Benefits of a Curious Life.


Curiosity. It’s my jam. I love learning, researching, asking why, trying, testing, building, failing, making, moving and growing. Chances are if you’re reading this article - you, too, are a curious person. YAY. Like minds.

True to form, I got to thinking about curiosity as a trait. Is it good, or bad? Is it helpful in a person’s life? Their work? Can it make you a happier person? So, down that rabbit hole I went. And what I found, pretty amazing.

Curiosity keeps your mind active + opens up new thinking. A curious learner employs a growth mindset - always seeking to learn new information, better solutions and open to input. They embrace change and uncertainty - looking for the lesson vs. being derailed into negativity. Great for work, art, pretty much life in general, no? For me, I’m at my most curious when I’m learning a new skill. Currently, I’m taking a painting class - learning how to see, draw, mix paints and be in the flow of creating again. I’m only one class in, but it’s unearthed a strong desire to know more more more.

Curiosity builds empathy as you seek to learn about other people, cultures and viewpoints. It strengthens all of your relationships, from the most intimate to casual everyday conversations. Why? Curious people are better listeners, plain and simple. They connect and ask questions to learn + build. What a valuable + needed skill in today’s world. As an introvert, small talk is not my gift. But when I seek to connect in the name of learning - I gather the most interesting stories, meet the most amazing friends and end up on the best of journeys.

It literally changes the wiring of your brain. For every new skill you learn, your brain is growing in size. New thoughts build new neural pathways, which increase the size + workings of your brain. Beneficial, especially as we age + experience new situations + stressors daily.

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Curiosity is contagious and creates its own energy. Have you been around someone so high on life that you want some of what she’s having? Finding people in touch with their passion + their purpose is awe-inspiring. Openness, infectious enthusiasm and great conversation are always sure to follow these types of people…and in turn, you.

It makes you happier. Being curious, by nature, gives you a greater sense of hope and life purpose. It reduces stress and anxiety, and makes you more nimble and flexible in dealing with daily challenges.

Here’s to curiosity. May we live it. Love it. Find more of it. Daily.

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