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Happy Friday loves! It’s the summer solstice, the longest hours of daylight for us here in Texas. The heat index and strong sun are definitely putting their brightest foot forward this week and keeping us either indoors or searching for water. Whew! I’m headed east this weekend to celebrate two dear friends birthdays, and looking forward to some ocean + city time while I’m away.

A few of my favorite links from the week to inspire, delight and celebrate this sunny season!

This heat making me crave all the salads. And the tequila. Sometimes together.

5 valuable lessons to learn from preschoolers that I’m fully embodying in these months ahead.

An easy way to channel your inner creative, and connect relieve stress. I swear by it daily.

As if we needed another reason to put down our phone, a longer life might just be the most compelling.

Hobbies can make us more relaxed, happier and just better at life. So why do so FEW of us have them? Summer is the perfect time to find one for you try this, this or this for ideas.

And what you missed this week_ color crush_ blue skies, and my dear friend and creative genius, Jeffrey Loura’s studio chat.

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