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Hi, hello, welcome! I’m easing back into Dallas life after a few magical days here this week. A quick trip to reset my brain, pamper my body and connect deeply with one of my best girls, I’m ending the week inspired, relaxed and ready to dive-in to all that summer has to offer. For me, this year, that means more art, more play with my daughter and more intentional planning + strategy work for my business to get the back half of the year teed up. Tell me dear ones, what’s on your weekend list ahead?

It’s summer. And with that, most of us are headed on vacation with a much needed chance to unwind and reset. The benefits to TRULY taking a day off and what to do with it. And while you’re at it, get a little bored too.

Needing some summer inspiration? Add these to your list STAT.

A perfect online workshop for discovering your inner creative and cultivating your practice.

Summer camp for adult summer camps? Sign me up.

22 books to read when you’re vegging on the beach. Or your bed.

15 hobbies to try your hand at.

Don’t miss this week’s color crush on my latest obsession_ low-water plants. And my beautiful conversation with Jessica LoPresto.

Happy weekend friends!

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