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Bring on the May flowers! I adore spring. Cooler temps, blooming everything and that clean, pure light of spring in Texas. This spring tho? It’s been grey, grey, grey. Clouds and storms and rain and that leave us all chasing light and patios whenever there is a break in the skies. Looks like the weekend and week ahead are bringing more of the same. The perfect weather to cozy up inside with your favorites. People, hobbies, adult beverages…no judging here. Here’s to that kind of a weekend.

This interview on letting go of perfection and embracing ALL your passions makes me happy.

Speaking of passion, this Elizabeth Gilbert talk on following your curiosity is a must-listen.

When it comes to most things in life, I’m an optimist. And most especially around our planet.

Adding ALL-of-these to my summer reading list.

What else I wrote this week_ color crush_ CAKES!, my sometimes daily habit and the case for curiosity (and 20 ways to build it into your life!)

Currently coveting these kicks, this balm and this $10 tote.

Happy weekend loves!

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