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Wowzers. A gorgeous spring Friday in progress here in Dallas, and hopefully for you to - wherever you may be! Today, I’m excited to be having a studio day. No meetings, no distractions, just some color play, collage and material mixing.

One of my favorite exercises to get loose + inspired is to play with color. Taking cues from fashion or interiors images I like, magazines I’ve saved, perhaps even a favorite artist - I like to recreate palettes and play with shapes. I’m excited to dive through some back issues of Domino magazine today to collage + paint in hues inspired by my favorite rooms. It gets me working fast, fin my happy place of mixing colors and helps to answer the toughest questions_ where to start and what to make?

Today’s scouts + shouts to inspire you to invite some creativity into your life this weekend. In art, in your decor, in your kitchen. No matter - just doing something that pushes you to think creatively is so good for your brain. And body. And soul.

As a dairy + gluten lover, but avoider - I’m excited to recreate this vegan cheese board for a small get together this weekend. Fingers crossed mine looks as good as the inspiration! I’ll be hitting up my favorite Trader Joe’s for this tray, and maybe some of this chef’s fave items as well.

I’m working on a gallery wall up the stairwell. Currently eyeing this, these and this to add to our own creations.

Do you meditate? I’ve found it to be so helpful for dealing with my anxiety + day-to-day stress. I’m starting this free 21-day program on Monday. Join me!

10 daily routines of female artists.

This tiny but beautiful house giving me serious downsizing goals.

Netflix + chill on your weekend to-do list? If so, these 5 documentaries should be on your radar.

Get ready for some serious wanderlust fever_ the most colorful places in the world.

What you missed this week_ 3 Things I’m Bringing Back from Vacation and Color Crush_ Doors, Walls and Stairs Oh My!

What’s on your radar for the weekend ahead? Whatever it is - I hope it brings you smiles + sunshine!

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