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Hello lovelies! Happy Friday. How’s the week treating you? It’s been all good over here. Getting back into the groove of work, school, schedules and coming out from our cocoon of holiday has been a welcome shift this week.

January has me thinking on all the things I want to tackle this year. Places to visit, things to learn, books to read, projects to love. Today’s scouts + shouts is focused on just that, a few things I’m loving + leaning into in the days ahead. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind as you head into 2019 - comment below or drop me a note @

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After being cozied up at home so much over the past few weeks, I’ve been itching to switch some things up in my space. I see moving art, refreshing pillows, or painting a room or two in my near future. A few images speaking to me now here, here and here.

I’m penciling in travel plans for the year and a quick trip to Santa Fe is topping my list for inspiration and relaxation. Loving these guides here and here for all the tips.

Social media - the literal BEST and WORST part of my day. Inspiring, heartwarming and connecting at its best - competitive, anxiety inducing and inauthentic at its worst. This article perfectly sums up how I’m headed into 2019 as well…less curated perfection, more living and mess.

I love Coco Kelley’s approach to the new year through a word is something that resonates with me on a deep level. My 2018 mirrored hers in feel a lot, as I stepped away from corporate life and struggled with the new found freedom in my time. I too feel ready to move and do and grow in 2019, much thanks to the reset and balance I found throughout last year.

I shared what I learned from my creative practice in 2018 over at Wit & Delight this week.

Happy Friday feels here and here.

Enjoy your weekend!

xx, jill

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