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Creativity as a Connector

When I rebuilt my personal creative practice a few years ago, I was in need of something different in my days. Something to bring balance. Flow. Joy. A sense of play. Something that could connect me to the heavy emotions my brain + body desperately needed to process, but was too busy being mom, employee, friend, daughter to truly release.

What started as a nightly hobby, a time to paint + get messy, while also enjoying some music + red wine, quickly turned into something I craved and needed daily. Time spent just for ME. With no purpose other than to play and have fun. To spark joy. Something that all too often as an adult, and especially as a mom, I forget to do. This daily practice brings me back into my body, my feelings, my purpose. It has inspired me to find more joy, to take more risks, to be okay with tears and messes and failing and play.

Creativity connects me to me.

I’ve always surrounded myself with creative people, both professionally and personally. I think I like the messy way our beautiful minds wander through the world making sense of the wonder and nonsense around us. As I continue my creative practice and share more of it on social media and in the real world, my circle of these souls is widening by the minute. Connecting to artists and curious souls, who are also pursuing a creative life, has propelled me to try new art forms. It inspires me to ask more questions and push myself to be a better artist, writer, explorer of life. An introvert by nature, creativity has invited me to build a wonderful community I wouldn’t have found otherwise..

Creativity connects me to community.

I dabble in meditation. I try to be consistent in prayer. I journal most days. But nothing, NOTHING, brings me closer to spirit and flow and magic than creativity. Painting + making marks seems to be the formula I need for a connection beyond this world. A chance to step outside of my day-to-day and reflect on life, and purpose, and mystery. For me, getting my hands busy seems to free my mind to wander into the what-ifs and think on all I am grateful for, longing to find and hoping to build in this life and beyond.

Creativity connects me to purpose.

For these things, I am thankful. Thankful that I have found a path back to creativity. Thankful that I’ve found a process that is helping to crack me open, inviting the most authentic version of me to show up most days. The me that believes joy is mandatory. Play is good. Messes are healthy. The me that knows that community + friends + connection is the point of a creative life well-lived. And most especially the me that is working to share my purpose, and build a community around creativity. A community that helps you to connect. To yourself. To your community. To your purpose.


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