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Color Crush : POP of Red

Hi friends! Happy Friday, happy weekend, Happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating this weekend! 

I'm heading south today, for a little beach time with my crew and I'm looking forward to a lazy few days ahead. 

I've been enjoying all the coverage on the unexpected red theory this spring. This theory is a fun little hypothesis that studies the effect of having a small dose of something shocking, unique, different can introduce fresh energy and vibrancy into a room, an outfit, a piece of art. 

Everyone from Forbes and the New York Times to Martha Stewart to Elle Decor have given their expert opinion on the use of red (or not) and it's effect on design. My favorite take comes from fellow color-lover, author and designer, Ingrid Fettell Lee on her Aesthetics of Joy site. She discusses the qualities of the color red that make it particularly eye-catching - in both positive and negative ways. You should definitely read her deep take on it - so brilliant. 

I must confess I am not in fact, a lover of the color red. I do not own any large furniture, art, textiles or clothing pieces that are solely red. But I do seem to have subscribed unconsciously to the unexpected red trend. So maybe this theory says something about me and the way I curate my home + closet.

Red clothing, I barely own. Red handbags and shoes? I seem to own in multiples. Large swaths of red furniture or textiles - nowhere in site in my space. But red books, accents in artwork, a random red side stool - they adorn my space and bring a bit of levity and brightness along with them. 

Maybe, I am learning I am a red person after all. In small, but happy doses, this color is a bit of dopamine to an otherwise austere room or ho-hum outfit. It's a bit like the neons I love to have peek through in my paintings - a little goes a long way in adding layer and story.

Today, our color crush moodboards pay homage to the unexpected red theory. 

Complete with rooms, products, interior styling, outfits and more that have mastered this balance to perfection. As always, more on our dedicated Pinterest board

Tell us, where are you noticing you need a dose of unexpected red? 

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